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Peter A. Knoop
(Sep 20, 2005)
Easily accessible information about usage is critical to the work of Sakai-related staff including support staff, designers, researchers, developers, testers, and system administrators. Current capabilities to gather the required data and tools to present and interpret it are limited and vary across Sakai implementations. The Sakai Usage Data group intends to fully describe the types of usage data needed by all stakeholders, compare current strategies for gathering and interpreting usage data, and specify new strategies for gathering and interpreting data. Development of these strategies may be undertaken as a Sakai project.

University of Michigan and Indiana University have experience working with the variety of usage data available. The work group will begin with reviewing and adding additional relevant actors and use cases to a draft document discussed at a Sept. meeting of UM and IU staff. The chair will also provide a detailed list of data needed to support many of the use cases, including current data gathering capabilities and gaps.