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Known Issues

New Properties

PropertyDefault valueDescriptionJira true then syllabus items are published by default. 
assignment.anon.grading.enabledfalseIf true then enable anonymous grading for assignments.







There are two checkboxes in the gradebook options (As of Sakai 11, 1 prior) for display course grade and display course points. We had a request to make it so that this was selected by default and that the course grade was always shown as the default option (rather than hidden). Existing settings on sites will not change (no conversion), it will just be a sakai property that can be changed, and will be the current default (false) by default so no change in behavior.



Sets the maximum number of days for reminders; overrides accountValidator.maxDays.

The accountValidator.maxDays sakai property is not granular enough for some instances. This patch adds accountValidator.maxPasswordResetMinutes=[Integer]. If this property is not set, there is no change. Otherwise when the user clicks on their validation link, we check if the time that their validation token was sent is within the specified threshold - if not we expire their validation token. The same check happens when the user submits the validation form.


Sets the maximum TTL for reset password validation token in minutes.


 Make the Check Validations Job have configurable email from and name of sender. If not set, uses the value from (another Sakai property). The default for is null (empty).





Allow a BLTI tool to be configured in so that it appears in the list of item types in "Add Content" as if it were a native Sakai tool.

Here's a sample entry:

lessonbuilder.blti_tools.count = 1
lessonbuilder.blti_tools.1 = 14,"VoiceThread Assignment","Assignment using VoiceThread, a cloud-based application that allows students to comment on videos, using audio, video or text", "Add a new VoiceThread assignment","Use this link to add a new VoiceThread assignment to your site. The first time you click on it, it will let you go into VoiceThread's assignment builder to design the assignment"

(The list is parsed with Sakai's usual OpenCSV CSV parser.) Items in the list are

  • LTI tool ID. See below
  • Title - will appear in Add Content as the main title, and as the main header in the chooser dialog
  • Description - will appear in Add Content as the description, and the first thing in the chooser dialog
  • Link text - this will be the text of the link for adding a new item
  • Link explanation - this will appear in the chooser dialog under the link, as a further explanation of how the tool works. It is displayed verbatim, so you can include HTML markup. (That's not true of the other fields.)

Unfortunately the only unambiguous identifer for a BLTI tool is the tool ID. But it doesn't show in any obvious way in the UI. As Administrator, go into the "External tool" administrative screen. Choose "Tools available in system." Find the tool you want to use. Do "inspect element" on the Edit link. You'll see an argument id=NNN at the end of the URL. That's the tool ID.


no base folder

Put folders created by Lessons inside a single base folder. If you upload files through Lessons, Lessons will put them in folders that Lessons creates. It creates one folder per Lessons page, named with the title of the page.

This property adds a single top-level folder in which all the per-page folders are put. A typical value would be lessonbuilder.basefolder=Lessons


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Technical Updates

Other fixed Blocker Bugs

Known Issues

Sakai 10 Oracle upgrade scripts. Please use database upgrade scripts from trunk for Sakai 10.0 and later.



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