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Notes on Dialogues
Good sources of info

Dialogs can be modal or non-modal
ARIA role="dialog"
Even though it is not required for the dialog itself to be able to receive focus, it still needs to be labeled
When the dialog appears on the screen, keyboard focus should be moved to the default focusable control inside the dialog.
Tab order should be contained by the dialog.
If the dialog can be moved or resized, ensure that these actions must be performable by keyboard users as well as mouse users.
Note that for non-modal dialogs there will have to be a global keyboard shortcut that allows focus to be moved between opened dialogs and the main page.
It is important the a dialogue both ket focus, but not present a keyboard trap once it is dismissed. Focus should be returned appropriately when the dialogue is dismissed.

Notes on Tooltip

Good Sources of Information -- reading through
ARIA role=“tooltip”
Directives we could consider:
Should we suggest that it always be a <a>,<img>,<abbr>?
Tip content be derived or at least mired in title attribute - or hidden text?

Example that works well with Chromevox ’s example did not work well.

Commonly used technologies/libraries in Sakai:

Bootstrap:tooltips (which are directional)
Growl based -

Morpheus project - time to review it?


Nothing new

Any eyes available to look at
Accessibility / i18n: Statistics Frame Default Human Language is Not Set, Should Match User Language Preference extended matching type seems inaccessible

There's more with SAMIGO that anyone's welcome to take a look at if there's interest - recent activity on (worth considering )

Matt's JIRA Filter Accessibility: Remove onkeypress handlers from "Open" and "Close" links on Test/Quiz Settings page