Sakai source code can be checked out anonymously from our SVN repository. The latest development work is located in /trunk; stable releases can be found in /tags while maintenance and other work is performed in /branches.

Starting with Sakai 2.6, Sakai common services (e.g., authz, content, event, site, tool, user, etc.) have been repackaged and refactored as the Sakai Kernel (K1). In most cases, you will never have to check out the kernel manually as Sakai kernel dependencies are managed by Maven.

Starting with Sakai 10, Kernel code is included when being checked out.

10 release tag

To checkout a stable release tag issue the following svn command from the terminal:

svn co sakai-10.4

The latest stable release may be newer than the version listed above. Please see or the tags at and use the newest version for best results.

10.x maintenance branch

The latest bug fixes for a particular release can be found in our maintenance branches. Please note that certain maintenance branch fixes require database schema changes. You can check out the maintenance branch by issuing the following command from the terminal:

svn co sakai-10.x