I changed the name of this group to Help Systems workgroup, because there is already a working group in Sakai that is dedicated to the help tool itself.  I am interested in focusing this discussion around how schools are delivering online help in general.  Inevitably, this discussion will also involve how people are using the help tool in Sakai and how the tool could be improved or re-envisioned.

In preparation for our 2.5 release of bSpace, Berkeley has been re-evaluating how we deliver help.  We've already contacted many Sakai schools about some of their practices, but I'm still interested in other schools feedback as we continue to develop requirements.

Workgroup Leads:

Jon Hays, jonmhays@media.berkeley.edu

Help System Topics

Delivery Systems for Help

There are variety of existing strategies for linking a Help System to Sakai. (Please correct me if I miss-represent any of these strategies)

Sakai Help Tool:

Sakai has a built-in tool for Help Topics called the Help Tool.  The Help Tool is a 3 frame web page that includes a search box frame, table of contents frame, and main content frame

External Website/Application:

Types of Media

Topics/Types of Help

Evaluation & Analytics