A Strategic Vision for SakaiNG
** DRAFT **

Editorial Note (2/19/2014):  The following are notes developed by Joshua Baron and reflect his initial and early thinking around a vision for the next generation Sakai.  The intent at this stage is to simply surface this early thinking as means to stimulate a broader dialog.  Also, many of the terms used below come from the Sakai Learning Design Lens work which were developed in 2010-11 by the Sakai Teaching and Learning Group.  We have linked key terms used here to the Learning Design Lens definitions as a reference for those not familiar with that work.



Sakai recently celebrated it's 10 year anniversary.  Over the past decade it has not only achieved tremendous success as a project and product, it has had a strategically significant impacted on the entire global Learning Management System market place.   From open standards such as LTI to just the concept of openness in education, Sakai has been a driver for a great deal of innovation and change in the industry.  At the same time, it is important to recognize that Sakai was launched before Facebook, YouTube and the iPad which have been important mile markers on the wildly steep and curvy "information superhighway" that we've been speeding down now since the beginning of the Internet that point to the constant need for technology projects to be re-inventing themselves in order to remain relevant in this super dynamic market.


The following outlines early thinking around one possible direction for Sakai to take as we continue down the road we began 10 years ago and work to remain relevant over the coming decade. Central to this vision is the concept of disaggergating or "unbundling" the Learning Management System which has been discussed by many over the past few years but which has yet to be realized in any fundamental way within the LMS industry.  As an open-source project does not need to be concerned with profit-margins and shareholder expectations, we are uniquely positioned to play a leadership role, as we have over the past decade, in realizing such a vision and the innovation that it could bring to the market. 

Again, this is early thinking from one person and meant to stimulate broad discussion and debate.  Please share your comments below or add your ideas to the page itself.

Why unbundled the LMS?


Core Values

Core Learning Services

Core Learning Services that are (or will be in the future) fundamental to teaching and learning, these might include:

Core Learning Devices

Teaching and Learning tools or groups of tools which can be connected through the Core Learning Services, these might include:

Learning App Market Place

These would be user-focused learning apps which could be "installed" by individual users as means to allow them to create highly personalized learning environments customized to meet their own unique needs.  These Apps, which could be developed without extensive technical skills, could be made available through the Apereo/Sakai web site which could help create a revenue stream for sustainability.

Learning Cloud

A set of services and infrastructure that would sit “above the institution” and facilitate sharing, collaboration and research such as: