Please nominate your most desired evaluation wish list item. Ideally we want jiras that already have patches and just need to be merged:

EVALSYS-1387  - Reversed display of scale options when taking an evaluation 

EVALSYS-1381 - Consolidated email processing fails to record eval completion 

UPNA's Most annoying: EVALSYS-1000 - Eval reopens without clicking on "Reopen and Save Settings" button

UPNA's Most desired: EVALSYS-706 - Should be possible to create parent-child questions

EVALSYS-1351 - improved hierarchy loading

EVALSYS-1100 Improvements in weighted means and pdf reports

EVALSYS-114 Enable all javascript on evaluation settings page (A.K.A. "Calendar widget does not work in Settings page")

EVALSYS-1399 Empty comments added to reports as "Comment text..."

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 Add images of those being evaluated.