Matt Clare, Gonzalo Silverio, Joe Humbert, Neal Caidin

Sakai 10 Planning

Schedule for Sakai 10 -
Beta (scope frozen) target date - Jan 31
Release Candidate target date - March 28

GA release target - April 30

QA3-US Contact at IU = Greg Thomas (
 -- Matt Will reach out about upgrade etc.

A11y Jiras that need testing/review 
   Update jQuery UI accordion widget when ready upstream
-  1.10.4 of jQuery UI may have the update        
Labels for time selection are displayed inconsistently
Neal - from review of Criticals (may be redundant with stuff above...) - a11y
 -Matt will E-Mail Karen and Lydia (  Karen Tsao <> , Lydia Li <> - a11y common problem in tools
- Joe to chase - a11y
- Is this just that these are radio buttons, not checkboxes  - as the answers are mutlatily exculsive
 - Matt will follow-up - send to a11y
 - same as SAM-2035  - will be fixed in the JSF tag library - send to a11y
- Still a problem in the default 10 search tool
 -- Matt will poke around solar / elastic
- Velocity Template Macro tool (if the front end is the same - it will involve using the Velocity Macro library like the other tools, then the language will be user) - send to a11y
- RSF tool (like Page Order)
- Matt COULD clone to Page Order?
- Gonzalo will look for other RSF tools that have same problem like maybe Sign Up (this is JSF based, maybe they can fix it at the tag library level)
Tutorial not working