Conducted by Aaron Zeckoski, Unicon, Inc and Neal Caidin, Apereo Foundation

Notes by Janice Smith, Three Canoes


Webinar recording at -


Both speakers have been using Jira quite a lot in their work with Sakai. This session will focus more on practical aspects of using Jira.


Jira along with Sakai Confluence and the Sakai listservs are the main communication tools for Sakai users. Jira is hooked up to the code repository system so that code changes are tracked. Through Jira work on the Sakai code is reviewed and tracked.


Jira –

Confluence (aka Sakai Wiki) –

Email lists –


Sakai Jira Guidelines page in Sakai Confluence is a great reference and resource.


Sakai Jira Guidelines –


Use case for Jira: What if you find a bug in Sakai, what do you do? These are the recommended steps for working with a Sakai bug.




Track Issues


Opening Tickets


Versions of Sakai on Nightly Servers




Incubation Projects


Quick Search


QA Testing


Getting Others to Pay Attention


If there is a bug in Trunk and in a version as well, should we mark it for merging?


Sakai is a volunteer community of testers and developers. There is no development staff with an automatic process. Instead, we have people who care and have vested interests that are willing to respond to the lists and work on the project. It is important to remember this. Take advantage of community and give back as well. A big thanks to all who volunteer!