The idea behind this review process is to leverage the collective knowledge of the Sakai Teaching and Learning community by having them review Sakai Tools and provide feedback, in the form of a brief reports, on both the tools capability's with regards to supporting teaching and learning activities as well as the tool's usability (ease of use of its interface).  Those involved in this review process would adhere to the following guiding principles:

The goal will be to provide a feedback loop into the development process so that as new work is planned the ideas from the larger teaching and learning community can be considered.  At the same time, we hope to use the final report as means to engage institutional decision makers and work to secure the resources needed to support the development of the recommended changes.  We would generate data/information for the report those a range of collaborative activities including:

Once the review process was completed we envision bringing the reports we might generate to others in the community, particularly the TCC, as means to get their input and help in identifying technical strategies and the time/effort that these would require.  This will help us prioritize the plans while also giving us a sense of the resources needed to not just implement the enhancements but also maintain them over time.  This information could then be used to help secure the resource needed for the work.

Phases of Capability Review Process

Draft Report Outline

Executive Summary

Capability Overview - What is the tool intended to be used for and the basics of how it works

Capability Use Cases, Best Practices and Tips - This would be a series of short screen movies that would be used to demonstrate different use cases based on real world application of the tool.  Workarounds that users are developing could be highlighted as means to show where new development effort might be useful.

Suggestions for Capability Enhancements - This would be a list, possibility also placed in JIRA, of enhancements that the T&L has reached consensus on as being important for future development effort.  We might also prioritize these to provide feedback on which were the most important from our perspective.

Suggestions for UI Enhancements - We would like to produce wireframes that provide visual examples of interface changes that we would recommend based on direct feedback from users as well as light weight usability studies that we would run on several campuses.

Technical Assessment and Resource Requirements - This is just a rough idea at this point but it would be very useful if more technically savvy Sakai folks could review the report and provide an assessment of what the best technical approaches would be to address the different suggestions and what types of resources (people time) would be needed.  This information would allow the T&L to engage with their local institutional decision makers as means to help find resources needed to support the development effort.


The current Sakai Teaching and Learning group has started to engage in this type of work which is being documented on the Lessons Tool: Draft Capability Review Process wiki page.