What is this page about?

This page is being used to document the Sakai Teaching and Learning Group's initial Capability Review of the Lessons or Lesson Builder tool that Rutgers University is leading the development on.  This is our first attempt at what we are calling a Teaching and Learning Capability Review Report and thus the information here should be considered draft materials that will change over time.

Screen Movies of Lesson Builder Use

In this section put in ways that you've seen Lessons used effectively. Feel free to make new pages to link to screen shots or screencasts.

Preliminary Capability Enhancement Ideas

NOTE:  The list below is our very early and initial PRELIMINARY list of ideas.  It represents "raw information" that has not necessarily been discussed or reviewed by the Teaching and Learning Group and is intended simply as a starting point to engage with others within the community (Sakai TCC, PMC, Lead Developer(s), Users, etc.).  It is important to also note that as the list is refined, capabilities will be edited so as to express "user needs" and "use cases" rather than lists of requirements (see the Resources Folder bullet as an example).

Link to google spreadsheet where the items below now reside: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AsDvrV3rD2IWdFF0NTFScEt1MWUxSlNHRGdaR1l1eFE&usp=sharing

In this section put suggestions for future development and any issues you can identify that could make Lessons better.



Marilyn notes that after using Add Multimedia to add video you can click Edit and then anything you put in the description box will show up as a caption.  However, there may be issues with this approach (see comments, below, for details)