If you are receiving this email it means that you are on the Sakai security contacts list. The list is maintained by the Sakai Security Working Group (aka Security WG). Please contact the Security WG at security@sakaifoundation.org if you should be removed from this list. Only authorized individuals are permitted on this list. Our security policy is available publicly at .....
The Sakai security contacts list receive security alerts to allow time to patch their Sakai installation ahead of any public disclosure. Designated security contacts are also provided access rights to view, comment and address issues flagged as security items in Sakai's JIRA issue tracking application.
What to do if you are notified of a security issue through this list:

What to do if you find what you believe to be a security vulnerability in Sakai:

Filing a Jira:

Why is this important?
* The integrity and security of existing Sakai installations can be compromised by the premature public disclosure of security threats.