1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Notetaker volunteers?  June 30 Etherpad:
  3. Agenda for June 30 Meeting (minutes below)#
  4. T&L Areas of Interest:
    1. Bringing Students into the Community
    2. 2011 Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award
      • Conference Outcomes> May want to consider moving towards a more formal process for committee selection.  There were many other suggestions put forward during the conference BOF (link to notes)
      • TWSIA brainstorming page
      • Action Item for Next Call >
      • Who will follow up? >
    3. Improvements to OpenEdPractices site
    4. Design Lenses
    5. Collaborating on Distance Learning Topics
      • Conference Outcomes > There were multiple discussions, sessions and a BOF on this subject (BOF Notes).  Interest appears to be around collaborating on training materials and experiences across institutions.
      • Distance Learning Brainstorming Page
      • Action Item for Next Call >
      • Who will follow up?>
  5. Next week's call (July 7). Who will facilitate?

Meeting audio: 

20100630SakaiT_Lcall.mp3 (55.3MB) - by Ken Romeo

Minutes of June 30 Meeting

Teaching and Learning Group
call 06-30-2010


Welcome and Introductions
Kate Ellis - Indiana University
Roger Henry - Indiana University
Robin Hill - Wyoming
Rob Coyle - Johns Hopkins
Lynn  Ward - Indiana University
Ken Romeo - Stanford
Debbie Runshe - IUPUI
Philip Uys - CSU
Kim Thanos - Sakai Foundation
Ann Jensen - Texas State
Jacques Raynauld HEC Montréal
Greg Hardham CSU
Steve Faith - UC Davis
Tony McKenzie - CSU

Notetaker volunteers? Robin

I.  Welcome and introductions of newcomers.
II.  Kim Thanos suggests that communications should be an aspect of all topics discussed.
Agenda and minutes from June 23 meeting  -- reviewed by Lynn

Kim Thanos:  Communications issues flagged for addressing after 2010 conference.  Foundation staff meeting first week of August, to hear communications status and assessment from KT.   
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\[Recall that Commications Brainstorming has a Confluence page of its own, given below.\]

T&L Areas of Interest:         

Bringing Students into the Community                 

2011 Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award                 

Kate Ellis:  To-do list on brainstorming page.  
Suggestion to formalize process somewhat--creating charter (see examples in other Sakai working groups).  
TWSIA is a good path for newcomers who want to become involved, but they might feel more comfprtable if there was some direction.  Develop new leadership, too.
Lynn:  Leaders should have limited terms with some transfer of "institutional memory."  Solicit new volunteers at conference.  Committee should always have experienced participant, but draw others in, as well.
Kim:  Could help on call for submissions-- will do communication plan for award
Lynn:  Recognition beyond Sakai community:
Kim:  Yes, press release.  Could be prepared better and be better focused.
Kate:  Using Sakai site for asynch work-- Mathieu has set one up, will explain when back on call.  
Lynn:  What about e-mail notification?
Conclusion:  Try it.  Advantages  and drawbacks will become apparent.
Kate:  Hard to carry on public discussion with low complexity.  Need smaller group, or targeted msgs.  Should entire T&L list be addressed?

Lynn:  General topic for next week:  How to e-mail for specific T&L task or interest.  Sub-group defined?  Different list?  Subject line?

Improvements to OpenEdPractices site                 

Lynn:  This website needs a defined purpose.  What should it be?  Traditionally TWSIA.
--what's the purpose of this site, and what do we want it to be?
Kate:  Showcase?  But too much text, not enough summary. Maybe it needs to be more usable.
Rob:  Also a concern of Distance Ed group.Randy from rSmart had volunteered to help with the site as well.
Better design for entries, or better procedures?
Lynn:  Many rubrics.  Need easy finding aid
Kate:  Can tag entries.  Guidance needed.
Lynn:  Could courses be organized by practices used?
Kate:  As Ken suggests, not all fields are relevant to stored material.
Lynn:  To Be Continued.

V.  Adjourn

Next week's call (July 7).  Who will facilitate (if not David)?
        Robin will be gone (traveling).
Lynn, by acclimation!