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Sent: Sunday, February 10, 2008 7:48 PM
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Subject: Kernel 1.0 RC-1

For those watching the Source code commits, you may have noticed a  
number of commits going past with the word Kernel In them.

I have been attempting to extract a kernel from the current trunk, to  
do a 1.0 release candidate.
The aim of the 1.0 RC will be to provide a snapshot that provides the  
same code base as in the 2.5 core release of Sakai, repackaged into a  
different maven structure, that makes it work as a single unit. The  
result of this can be found at

and both SNAPSHOT versions and the K-1.0-RC1 version are in the sakai  
maven repo at

binary, source and javadoc
(or at least they should be there when the upload completes, in about  

This contains no Java or Jar changes, only a re-organization of the  
maven groupID's build to make it possible to work on an identified  

There is also maven site build (SNAPSHOT) from the kernel at

This is only one small step, in many :)

It would be helpful if those who care about the kernel, have a look  
and say what should be done before the RC1 becomes final, but  
remember, this is only a snapshot in time that will serve as a  
starting point for more work.

The reorganization has maintained all svn history, and so it should  
be possible to merge changes in the existing trunk modules into the  
kernel space..... if svn can cope with the re-factoring of layout.


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