Sakai Documentation Content Working Group Meeting Agenda - Dec 1, 2011
Sakai 2.9 Release Schedule (for reference):


December 1, 2011

9:31 Kim : Need to give me permissions in Collaborate :)
9:32 Kim : Hover over a little menu to the right of my name and you'll see some options I think :)
9:58 Becca: Hi Lorie, are you able to log in to the Elluminate session?
10:03 Lorie Stolarchuk: Yup, I'm in the elimunate. Lots of background noise in my office, so I'll be typing in chat as opposed to microphone
10:03 Becca: ok. Thanks for letting us know
10:07 Kim : Sounds good :)
10:07 Mathieu: or there?
10:08 Alan Regan: robin hill is on phone conf. will join us in a sec
10:09 Alan Regan: B right back -- helping robin connect
10:09 Mathieu: We like the sound of your voice, Becca!
10:10 Kim : sure
10:10 Mathieu: Twice in Jan, every two weeks... sounds about right to me +1
10:10 Lorie Stolarchuk: That sounds fine with me. For an hour at a time?
10:10 Mathieu: +1
10:10 Matt Clare: +1
10:10 Mathieu: Patrick is a slacker ;-)
10:10 Lorie Stolarchuk: That time sounds fine for me. Thurs @ 1
10:10 Mathieu: ... not in person...
10:11 Mathieu: +1 for Thusrday at 1
10:11 Matt Clare: As good and bad as any time
10:11 Kim : +1
10:11 Elizabeth Venstra: can you hear me on the call?
10:11 Lorie Stolarchuk: We're your devoted fans when we listen to you :)
10:11 Mathieu: That's how we roll
10:13 Kim : Works :)
10:13 Barb Kerns: that is fine.
10:13 Matt Clare: 11AM EST is fine too
10:13 Lorie Stolarchuk: Thursday mornings I have a standing meeting that ends around 11:15-11:30 ish
10:13 Lorie Stolarchuk: I could be tardy however :S
10:13 Matt Clare: I don't like the idea of a meeting w/out Lorie though
10:13 Lorie Stolarchuk: You rock Matt!
10:14 Lorie Stolarchuk: 11:30 would be fine. It's only my demented colleagues anyway
10:14 Mathieu: +1
10:15 Lorie Stolarchuk: yup
10:15 Alan Regan: i boosted max speakers to 6 (from 3) in elluminate
10:17 Mathieu: @Alan: I like to occupy the chat ;-)
10:17 Matt Clare: Forums has a lot of changes in trunk right now
10:18 Matt Clare: I know 'cause my group forums/topics request got worked on
10:19 Mathieu: That's in announcements, right? The reorder?
10:19 Becca: Right
10:19 Mathieu: We are planning on using Gb2...
10:22 Mathieu: Say "Roger" when you're done ;-)
10:23 Matt Clare: Messages and Forums are the same core tool
10:23 Matt Clare: "Message Centre[re]"
10:23 Alan Regan: Thanks, Matt!
10:25 Mathieu: We need to find someone in South Africa to beat some sense into Stephen... I volunteer David horwitz.
10:25 Kim : we are installing 2.8.1 this week
10:26 Matt Clare: I'll grab a demo right now
10:26 Mathieu: We run 2.8, but we didn't change the help files
10:26 Barb Kerns: we upgraded in mid August.
10:26 Barb Kerns: to 2.8
10:26 Lorie Stolarchuk: We're looking for 2.8 in the spring, so I'm not very helpful
10:26 Kim : What should I look for specifically?
10:28 Kim : yep :)
10:30 Matt Clare: Well put Everyday Joe
10:30 Kim : YES :)
10:30 Lorie Stolarchuk: I agree
10:30 Matt Clare: Anyone that knows WYSIWIG would know rich text. No need for hybrid
10:30 Lorie Stolarchuk: In my wiki, I just link to an article about WYSIWYG anyway, and I think Matt is the same.
10:31 Barb Kerns: yes
10:31 Robin Hill: Yes, I've been surprised that people do NOT recognize the term WYSIWG
10:31 Robin Hill: I'll type, not talk.
10:31 Elizabeth Venstra: we can keep the links in-same docid-but I will most likely change the name.
10:31 Elizabeth Venstra: Will check in with IU folks to make sure no objections.
10:31 Robin Hill: And "rich text" works.
10:31 Elizabeth Venstra: Then I'll do a global search-and-replace
10:35 Mathieu: indeed, we had nice conversations in there.
10:35 Elizabeth Venstra: that would be another discussion I'd need to have with IU
10:35 Kim : FOR LATER - at the end: I'm late to the game and I apologize -- but does this look right
10:35 Elizabeth Venstra: I'm less sure of the effect of changing that term . . .
10:35 Robin Hill: Is there some web reference of emerging standards for such terms?
10:36 Robin Hill: Can we conform to some globaL practice?
10:36 Kim : sorry -- didn't mean to take off task
10:36 Kim : just trying to see what's what
10:36 Elizabeth Venstra: not totally cut and dried, and not confirmed
10:36 Kim : Got it -- yes
10:36 Kim : ok -- helpful :)
10:37 Robin Hill: Yes, T&Q is Stanford. Undergoing thorough review right now.
10:37 Kim : mind node -- mac
10:37 Kim : free
10:37 Lorie Stolarchuk: thanks! (from another mac lover)
10:37 Mathieu: (freetards) LOL
10:38 Matt Clare: Sounded like Elizabeth was saying something
10:38 Lorie Stolarchuk: just looking at the menubar image from udel
10:38 Robin Hill: Let's go back to "global standards."
10:38 Elizabeth Venstra: just that the info is not reliable
10:38 Robin Hill: Maybe W3C has some terminology.
10:38 Elizabeth Venstra: for the mind map
10:38 Elizabeth Venstra: which you knew :0
10:39 Robin Hill: That's the only appropriate standards body that I can think of.
10:40 Matt Clare: Site Info Overview shipping today in Sakai-demo-2.8.0
10:41 Robin Hill: Review it how often?
10:41 Alan Regan: Matt -- can't seem to pull up that image
10:41 Lorie Stolarchuk: me too. getting an error
10:42 Mathieu: typo in the url
10:42 Mathieu:
10:42 Matt Clare: Thanks mathiew
10:42 Alan Regan: Matt -- image of the page that simply says "Site Info" above the overview page?
10:43 Robin Hill: I see-- you're talking about a one-time review for 29.
10:43 Robin Hill: I mean 2.9.
10:43 Elizabeth Venstra: yes
10:43 Elizabeth Venstra: yes, those changes may also benefit 2.8 users
10:43 Elizabeth Venstra: 2.7 is frozen
10:45 Kim : Might be a good strategy for prioritizing or for a subgroup to attack
10:46 Matt Clare: Lots of changes in the GDoc that aren't in the 2.8 Sakai help, but might be settings?
10:46 Matt Clare: Here's one that's not:
10:46 Matt Clare: I'll stay on topic now
10:47 Lorie Stolarchuk: Got an error and some critter telling us about an error matt :)
10:47 Lorie Stolarchuk: Boomer Brock it appears
10:47 Matt Clare: pardon,
10:47 Matt Clare: It's this little box
10:47 Lorie Stolarchuk: better, thanks
10:48 Alan Regan: Thx
10:48 Becca:
10:49 Becca:
10:49 Matt Clare: Oh yeah, that's what's in the 2.8 demo!
10:50 Robin Hill: In the long run, the only reliable mechanism might be to make documentation changes through the code submission and control mechanism.
10:50 Lorie Stolarchuk: dumb question perhaps, but do you guys have live updates to your help docs, or are they frozen when you deploy and you have to manually increment with patches?
10:50 Robin Hill: Which would require us to learn about it.
10:51 Robin Hill: Which may be a hideous prospect.
10:52 Lorie Stolarchuk: agreed
10:52 Matt Clare: I agree
10:52 Lorie Stolarchuk: trick would be with different versions running though??
10:53 Mathieu: Just like Confluence
10:53 Mathieu:
10:54 Matt Clare: Or the EIDA tool, and SVN
10:54 Lorie Stolarchuk: any chance we could get Jonathan too Elizabeth??
10:54 Elizabeth Venstra: yes
10:54 Elizabeth Venstra: I will drag him in. :)
10:54 Lorie Stolarchuk: like the EIDA tool Matt mentioned too.
10:54 Elizabeth Venstra: so--no new poeple, I guess.
10:55 Lorie Stolarchuk: I've unfortunately, got another meeting in a couple of minutes :(
10:55 Mathieu: I guess so
10:56 Matt Clare: @becca, but you're doing so well
10:56 Alan Regan: +1
10:56 Lorie Stolarchuk: +1
10:56 Robin Hill: +1
10:56 Lorie Stolarchuk: kinda . . .
10:56 Matt Clare: Now you're really getting the hang of this
10:57 Matt Clare: Maybe an everyone on everything approach with a 1 person bottom line?
10:58 Elizabeth Venstra: as long as at least one person does do something on each doc!
10:59 Lorie Stolarchuk: nuts, gotta go now!
10:59 Matt Clare: That's kinda' what I was thinking
10:59 Lorie Stolarchuk: sorry :( thanks
10:59 Lorie Stolarchuk: bye
10:59 Alan Regan: Thank you, Lorie!
11:00 Alan Regan: +1
11:00 Robin Hill: I personally can't commit to such right now...
11:00 Mathieu: +1
11:00 Robin Hill: But I sure appreciate all your efforts!
11:00 Kim : I'm new to the group but it makes sense :)
11:00 Alan Regan: Thx, Robin. Understood!
11:01 Alan Regan: Thx, Kim. :)
11:01 Mathieu: I have to leave, sorry folks.
11:01 Matt Clare: I think so too, but the GDoc allows for that
11:01 Kim : I think I can find someone (or two) here to help
11:02 Kim : Could we sign up for a few key tools important to our institution
11:02 Kim : ?
11:02 Kim : Then we'll see gaps...
11:02 Kim : I like that :)
11:02 Matt Clare: Sound good
11:02 Alan Regan: Thx, Mathieu!
11:03 Kim : Question... will grab mic
11:04 Matt Clare: Good question indeed.
11:04 Kim : Great :)
11:04 Matt Clare: The style document helped, skimming our work on Site Info might help too
11:05 Elizabeth Venstra: And then it's a matter of clicking through everything on the test server . . .
11:05 Elizabeth Venstra: And not overthinking it. :)
11:05 Matt Clare: cool
11:13 Matt Clare: good call
11:16 Robin Hill: Thanks, all
11:16 Kim : Thanks, all!
11:16 Matt Clare: no prob
11:16 Alan Regan: Thanks, everyone!
11:16 Elizabeth Venstra: Thank you!
11:17 Elizabeth Venstra: I had a hard time with audio, but I don't know how much of that was the tool .. . .
11:17 Robin Hill: Ciao
11:17 Becca: Thanks and bye!
11:17 Barb Kerns: thank you
11:17 Matt Clare: Thanks Kim, if you need our old one sometime we can do that too
11:17 Elizabeth Venstra: bye
11:17 Matt Clare: Bye everyone
11:17 Elizabeth Venstra: yes, thank you!
11:18 Alan Regan: Thanks, all! (Eliz, Elluminate uses Java and I believe that traffic can be trottled on some campuses... leading to audio issues.)
11:18 Alan Regan: throttled (oops!)
11:25 Alan Regan: Thanks, Barb, Matt, Kim, Lorie, Elizabeth, Mathieu, Kim, and of course BECCA!
11:25 Becca: and of course ALAN!