Notes for Weekly OSP Conference Call on 11-14-2011

In attendance:
Noah Botimer – University of Michigan
Dave McPherson, Virginia Tech
Nancy O'Laughlin, University of Delaware
Debbie Runshe, Indiana University
Janice Smith, Three Canoes
Lynn Ward, Indiana University

1. Community Updates
    * Teaching and Learning (T&L) Group.    
          o Design Lenses meeting last week, Lynn demoed prototype for OAE (set of html pages and jpg images that you can click through to see what a work flow through a particular proposed functionality, fully developed design, gives you an idea of what a feature would look like if it were implemented, just a set of static html pages) regarding structured feedback designs, specifically for annotations; included: collections(organize content created by self and/or other users, including content on the internet, collections can be shared, much like Google collections, the same item can be in multiple collections)
                + Next meeting not yet scheduled.
          o Teaching With Sakai Innovation Award (TWSIA) committee forming; Janice is on committee.
    * Portfolio Visioning.
          o Portfolio Visioning for Sakai OAE.
                + Next meeting November 22, 2011, 4:00-5:00 PM EST, Lynn will demo the prototype for OAE (see above description in Design Lenses meeting info).
                + Nico is mediating between the URG and the Design team, understands fully the capabilities of the presentation level of OAE, not actually doing the designs, meets regularly with the URG
                + Will be looking at what exists, what can be tweaked, info regarding feedback from URG.
          o Portfolio Reports. – no additional information at this time.
          o Portfolio Minispecs.-- no additional information at this time.
                + Next meeting, December 13, 2011, 4:00-5:00 PM EST – hoping to have feedback from the URG members.
    * OSP Help
          o Update documentation.
          o Accessing 2.6 Help
                + Help for 2.6 complete, turned over for final approval, then Janice will look at what needs to be done
          o Completing 2.8 Help - Robin Hill working on 2.8
          o Planning for 2.9 Help
    * Upgrading OSP pages on the Sakai Project website .
          o Enhanced content and links to tool description and resources needed.
                + Would like examples of Presentation portfolios to share w/permission.
          o Link to OSP Community Directory
    * Consider deprecating, removing from  default settings, and/or removing from the tool list in the site.template.portfolio realm the Wizard tool.
          o Wizards tool.
                + UD & UM not using; Rutgers using, but probably personalized; rSmart has it available; may be too late for 2.9, perhaps for 2.10
                + If turned off, would not be tested and could become significantly broken; those using could be doing Q/A testing w/o significant development commitment.
          o Consider making the default state of the Design Your Own Portfolio function hidden.
                 + can be turned off, would also mean portfolio layouts would be turned off too; community agreed to move forward on this - will take to list.
                  + make sure that there is Help available to assist people in turning features back on.
    * Back burner items for future discussion – no additional information at this time.
          o Recruiting OSP resources for QA or other activities.
          o Planning for Sakai 2012 Conference. (Find or make OSP Community banner for Tech Demo.)
          o Discussion of ways to alert Sakai Foundation leaders of the need to persuade Sakai (portfolio-using) institutions to put more funding into java developers working with OSP.
          o Response to Ian Dolphin's request for feedback from the OSP Community
          o Possible occasional discussion of implementation, performance, and teaching and learning issues at our various institutions

2. 2.9 QA Status Test Scripts, OSP QA 2.9 Sign ups with links to test scripts.
    * Resolved issues for 2.9. We need to go through this list to determine which issues need further explanation in order to clarify what needs to be tested.
    * High Priority Issues - some high priority issues at top of list may be browser related, being followed up on
          o VALUE rubrics, available on opened practices, broke in 2.8 because of code in jf query; UD uses these rubrics; could be problem w/rubrics or bug, could be tested, probably update needed; could be change in form renders.
          o 21244, 21229, 21212 - being worked on.
          o 21384 two issues (19466 & 19469) unpublished forms not available to other coordinator in Portfolio Templates tool in 2.7;  allow coordinators to view unpublished forms added/owned by another coordinator.
          o 21250 being addressed
          o 21206 - new permission effects testing, cannot create portfolio site on the test server w/o admin permissions; needs to be in build, may be possible to put users in admin; default off for regular users, since portfolio setup is complex; change for QA servers only?, we make passwords available, however, could cause problems; could change setup on QA servers.
          o next 2.9 releases being discussed; alpha releases not coming out consistently, being cleaned up, should be released in next week

3. Sakai/OSP Maintenance Status (Bug fixes can be verified on the following QA servers Nightly Build (HSQLDB) or Nightly build (Oracle)).
    * SAK-18766 Erratic Stickiness of Group and User, No page update after Manage Status in Matrices tool (UMICH).

4. Sakai Development Status (next major release cycle).
    * SAK-19184 OSP Tools don't respect language/locale preferences (only when English is not the default locale) - Part 2.
    * SAK-16693 Roster Synchronization (pending adding optional flag, branch, test server review and trunk merge).
    * SAK-19469 Allow coordinators to view unpublished forms added/owned by another coordinator
    * SAK-19466 Unpublished forms not available to other coordinators in Portfolio Templates tool

5. OSP Community Prioritization of Open Issues.
    * OSP Jira Filters.

6. OSP Reports Update and Continuing Issues. – no further development; IU Reports sub-directory is being developed and documentation is being updated to reflect current changes to IU’s tools*

7. OSP Performance Issues.
    * SAK-20715 Matrices slow to load - additional work to be done on large matrices; main view page/edit properties pages will be addressed, other issues may need to be written up separately.

8. On the back burner.
    * Independent OSP release cycle: action items moving forward.