Chat Accessibility Walkthrough Script

This walkthrough is for the Student persona.

Start of Walkthrough Script

Login and Find Tool

Determine Current Chat Room

Switch Chat Rooms

Login with the Second User Account So Can Have a Real Chat

This second computer is only being used so a real conversation can be held. It does not need to have any adaptive technology unless required by the operator of this walkthrough.

Read Messages

Send a Message

Send and Receive More Messages as Needed

Determine Which Users Are in the Chat Room

Logout and End of Script

Pre-Walkthrough Setup

This section documents how to create the necessary content to perform the above walkthrough script. It is not part of the walkthrough itself. It is expected that a person with the ability to log into the QA server with admin rights will create this content before the walkthrough takes place.

Login as Admin

Create three users:

Create a course


Login as "archatins"

In the "AR Chat 101" Course Site, create a second chat room called "Alternate Chat Room"