Configuration and Installation Notes

Step1: Follow INSTALL file inside the Sakai cle/community base folder to deploy.

Deploy XWIKI Tool
Step2: Go to XWiki Code Base folder and run the below command to deploy XWiki Tool
"mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true sakai:deploy"

XWiki Setup
Step3: Download the XWiki war file (xwiki-enterprise-web-3.0.war) and follow install instructions given in the below link.

Step4: Use the following links to install XWiki in Tomcat on MySQL DB

Step5: After Successful install start XWiki and download xar file (xwiki-enterprise-wiki-3.0.xar) from the below link and import it using import functionality in XWiki for default set of XWiki pages.

Customize XWiki
Step6: Copy and replace the files inside the XWikiChanges/colibri folder into <XWiki Webapp>/skins/colibri/
Step7: Copy and replace the files inside the XWikiChanges/templates folder into <XWiki Webapp>/templates/
Step8: Add "wiki.url" property inside file located in <tomcat_home>/sakai folder with the IP address of the XWiki app (eg: wiki.url= and "wiki.adminUser" property with XWiki admin user name and "wiki.adminPassword" property with XWiki admin user password.

Customize FCKPlugin
Step 9: Follow README.txt file in "FCKPlugin Changes" folder to add XWiki related plugins inside the FCKEditor

Step10: After successfully deployment of sakai and XWiki tool Start the Tomcat.
Step11: Login to Sakai using Admin user and create a Site and add a page in the site using Pages button.
Step12: Add XWiki tool to that page and save.

Granting Admin access
Step13: Go to Realms menu in Admin Workspace and select the site you added in step 4.
Step14: Select the maintain/admin role listed in the Roles section, which takes you to list of realms.
Step15: Enable site.visit,xwiki.admin,xwiki.delete,xwiki.edit,xwiki.view realms and click save

Managing XWiki Tool
Step16: Configure the site by adding of users, roles, groups and sections using Site Editor tool
Step17: Once you added all the participants select xwiki page under the site and choose "Site Configuration" menu and use "Sync" button under "Sync" section to synchronize Sakai and Xwiki applications for this site.
Step18: Once success you can start Creating, Editing and viewing the pages using "WikiPages" menu and Configuring the page access by "Page Configuration" menu