The Idea

At the 2011 Sakai Conference, there was substantial interest in establishing a monthly, live, synchronous, online course (or project site) demonstration by faculty at different Sakai institutions. The intent is to provide examples to interested community members and to highlight the wonderful wealth of resources in our Sakai community! This can be an exciting professional development opportunity for all of us -- and your participation is essential to our collective success.

Goal: Host one presentation per month beginning in September 2011 -- and represent a variety of institution types, disciplines, and countries as we can!


The Devilish Details

List of Showcase Sponsor Institutions

Since this is just an idea, let's start a list of those who are interested in finding a willing faculty member to present. One need not have a consenting faculty member yet -- but signing up below means you will start the search process at your institution.

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Institution Type

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Discipline or Subject Area

Preferred month to present

Jon Hays


4-yr public research




Kim Eke

UNC-Chapel Hill

4-yr public research



Anytime is fine

Patrick Lynch

University of Hull, UK