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How Teaching and Learning Can Make a Difference for Sakai: Meet the Ambassadors


Pre-Conference Workshop


Mathieu Plourde, University of Delaware
Kate Ellis, Indiana University
Brain Dashew, Marist College
Jon Hays, UC Berkeley
Lynn E. Ward, Indiana University
Kim Eke, UNC-Chapel Hill
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Monday, June 13


1:00-4:30 p.m.


Santa Anita C


The Sakai Teaching and Learning (T&L) group will have Sakai T&L veterans, acting as Ambassadors, present a short panel session on their successes and lessons learned, as well as current T&L group initiatives including the T&L group's part in shaping the future of Sakai and the Sakai community. Following the presentations the Ambassadors will answer questions collectively followed by break-out groups to continue the discussions.

Participants are encouraged to bring questions for the panel. Presenters will make examples/templates available as handouts to session participants.

This session is intended for participants who are either new to Sakai or want to get involved in the Teaching and Learning group.


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