Meeting Notes:

Sharing Portfolio Development Work Page and sign up process that has begun. Thanks to those who have signed up!

Discussion of  verbs: Manage Process (managing portfolio workflow for a group) and Dashboard (managing my tasks): Are they different? Yes

Dashboard is not a verb. Is "Dashboard" verb: "Facilitate"? "Implement"?

Facilitate Tasks: I want a centralized location from which to view and coordinate my portfolio responsibilities.

Also discussed and revised:

Manage Process: I want to be able to determine, direct, and monitor portfolio workflow, roles, and permissions. 

Other verbs/possible titles discussed:

Guide: I want to guide the creation of portfolios for different purposes by creating such things as: templates, assignments, files, rubrics, and prompts.

Establish and Assess Outcomes: I want to publish and map learning  outcomes to course and/or program objectives in order to assess them via  rubrics. 

There is a flexible timeline for creating these minispecs. We will continue to share our progress at Minispec Work Group meetings.

Is there any consensus/direction regarding how these minispecs will be used? At this time we are developing the minispecs, hoping that they will be helpful future in the process. It allows us to articulate/document our needs. 

Discussion of involvement of others:
Could present an invitation on Monday call.
Others who may be interested in involvement:

Next Meeting April 22nd