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We are putting together some specifications and designs for a new tool that will track student's attendance. The idea is to have a simple table that lists each day the class meets where a teacher can insert in attendance records for each student.  I've heard there's been some interest in the community for a tool like this and it would be great to get the community involved. I'm hoping to get input from everyone about any ideas or features they'd like to see. Also, any collaboration with design, UI, or internationalization would help a lot.

Suggested Features

Please add additional features, but do not remove any.

|F|H|F|1297198447040|          |ralee|The instructor could choose to assign points for attendance, and this data could be (optionally) linked to the gradebook to give an overall attendance score (bryan note: good way would be to set weight value to attendance marking aka present = 1, tardy = .8, absent = 0)|
|F|H|F|1297198403007|          |baholladay|Students displayed could be filtered by group or section|
|F|H|F|1297198369284|          |baholladay|Show a listing of dates (similar to a calendar, but in a spreadsheet-like format, rather than a monthly calendar-style view, and with the students names listed in one column on the left)|
|F|H|F|1297198391599|          |baholladay|Listing would be sortable by name, or specific date column|
|F|H|F|1297198376711|          |baholladay|Have the ability to select only certain days of the week for viewing as the default for a particular site (for example, Mondays and Wednesdays only, if it is a M-W class)|
|F|H|F|1297198385747|          |baholladay|Enter an attendance mark for each student for each date the class meets, such as P (present), A (absent), T (tardy), E (excused), H (holiday), etc. ability to assign numeric values 1 or 0 for persent or absent etc|
|F|H|F|1297198428230|          |baholladay|Allow students to access the tool and view ONLY their own attendance data for that class|
|F|H|F|1297198419583|          |baholladay|Allow faculty to export and/or print the attendance data for offline-line record keeping if needed|
|F|M|F|1297967755502|          ||make tool section and group aware|
|F|M|F|1297968098294|          ||list roster and section in export file|
|F|M|F|1297967720346|          ||have ability to pull in photos from the roster tool so instructor or TA can take attendance visually|
|F|M|F|1298472217259|          |baholladay|be nice if things like holidays could be populated from a university calendar|
|F|M|F|1298472172161|          |baholladay|What may be useful here are drop-downs from which you could choose the attendance marks|
|F|M|F|1297198442047|          |baholladay|There were a way to tabulate the number of absences per user and record it somewhere easily visible to faculty and students|
|F|M|F|1297256507847|          |baholladay|The option to default everyone to present and then mark them as absent. It's easier marking off 2 or 3 absent students, than 47 or 48 present students (assume 50 students in a class)|
|F|M|F|1297256497070|          |baholladay|The list of options should be configurable. Some courses might only need 'present' or 'absent', some might need more|
|F|M|F|1297265833464|          |baholladay|The instructor must have the option to allow a specific number of unexcused absenses without penalty.|
|F|M|F|1297256519840|          |baholladay|Tabulation of absent days definitely.|
|F|M|F|1298472198500|          |baholladay|Since most students are usually present, maybe the layout could default to P (present) (or whatever default the user chooses)|
|F|M|F|1297256461141|          |baholladay|It would be nice if students could mark their own attendance since many students have their own laptop/mobile device that can access the site (restricted IP, ect)|
|F|M|F|1297256532630|          |baholladay|Integration with profile pictures so instructors can see the students by face rather than only by name|
|F|M|F|1297256485167|          |baholladay|If the instructor is marking off a whole list, rather than having to click in a cell and then type a letter, maybe just a quick 'click' onto the cell to mark them as present. Multiple clicks could toggle through the list of options perhaps.|
|F|M|F|1297265718192|          |baholladay|For each class session, the instructor should be able to specify the number of times each student is required to sign in. (aka twice in 1 day for long classes)|
|F|M|F|1297198436557|          |baholladay|Faculty had a place where they could define the start and end dates of class for that term|
|F|M|F|1297239343364|          |worohregger|Convenient API for writing meetings and for reading student attendance marks from other applications.|
|F|M|F|1297793486933|          |ralee|Capability to take attendance by a TA or second instructor|
|F|M|F|1297203431503|          |rnarasi|Ability for instructors to deducts points for absence (no points for attendence but if they miss a set number of classes they will lose a set amount of points from their total points)|


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Reba-Anna Lee

Analysis,Design,Testing and Documentation

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Analysis, Design, Testing, Documentation, Internationalization

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