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Mashup ideas:

An 'introduce yourself to the class' page:
- a 'what you expect out of this class' poll question that leads to a discussion
- a place to drag your profile into the page, with whatever information you're comfortable sharing with the class
- a place to add some pics in addition to your profile image
- a place to add information about yourself that isn't covered in your profile

a 'next lecture' page for an in-class lecture:
- introductory text, and some resources/readings dragged into place
- a self-test quiz to see what you understood from the reading before coming to class
- an outline of the lecture in which each student can add their own notes and comments
- classroom assessment technique activity for students to complete during or after class (e.g., minute paper, memory matrix, one sentence summary, pro-con grid, etc.)
- a place to pop in questions, during or after class

The first page of an online learning module
- a list of the learning objectives for the module
- a short text introduction to the module
- a short video or audio segment (with transcription for students with visual or hearing impairments) introducing the first concept
- a link to a an  article on the topic
- an applet or interactive content that allows students to apply and test their understanding of the content
- a discussion forum in which students are asked to discuss some aspect of the reading