1. Role Call - who is on the call?
  2. Sub-Group Reporting (10 minutes each)
    1. Things to Address in Report:
      1. Top 3 questions/issues the group is focused on
      2. Outcomes from first meeting
      3. Next steps
      4. Does the "group" have a critical mass yet? (meaning, are there enough people with the right knowledge, skills, time, etc. to accomplish what the group wants to do)
      5. Communication plan
    2. Group Reports (by facilitator)
      1. Distance Learning
      2. TWSIA 2011 Committee
      3. Learning Capabilities Design Lenses
  3. T&L Group Call Discussion Topics
    1. General goal moving forward for T&L Group Call
    2. Frequency of the call (monthly?)
    3. Day/time for the call
    4. Terminology Standardization
      1. Subgroups, community, committees
  4. General community and external communication