1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Notetaker volunteers?  Etherpad:
  3. Agenda and minutes from June 23 meeting
  4. T&L Areas of Interest
    1. Bringing Students into the Community
    1. 2011 Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award
      • Conference Outcomes> May want to consider moving towards a more formal process for committee selection.  There were many other suggestions put forward during the conference BOF (link to notes)
      • TWSIA brainstorming page
      • Action Item for Next Call >
      • Who will follow up? >
    1. Improvements to OpenEdPractices site
  1. Collaborating on Distance Learning Topics
      1. Conference Outcomes > There were multiple discussions, sessions and a BOF on this subject (BOF Notes).  Interest appears to be around collaborating on training materials and experiences across institutions.
      2. Action Item for Next Call >
      3. Who will follow up? >