Clog (Collaborative Log)

Lead(s): Adrian Fish (Lancaster,UK)
Committers: Steve Swinsburg

Clog was developed by the Centre for e-Science, Lancaster University, UK.


The Clog (Collaborative Log) tool allows Sakai worksite users to post log entries in a similar way to blog tools like Google's Blogger and Wordpress, entries which can either be viewed by the rest of the worksite members or kept private to the author. The tool is a logical replacement for the current Blog tool but hugely improves on it in both its underlying architecture and user interface. The Clog tool can also import data from the current Blog tool, hopefully making the transition between the tools painless.


  • Clean and easy to use interface - a vast improvement on the old Blog tool
  • Responsive - The user interface is implemented in Javascript and HTML
  • Works with Sakai Search - search Clog content from the Clog tool interface or from the Search tool
  • Works with Profile2 - Hover your mouse cursor over an author's name anywhere in the tool and their profile will popup
  • Works with SiteStats - Post and Comment events are logged
  • Flexible permissions model, works with !site.helper permissions
  • Imports data from the current Blogger tool
  • Recycle Bin - Posts can be recovered from the recycle bin if accidentally deleted
  • Autosave - Posts are autosaved, helping stop loss of work
  • Public Posting - When posting in your My Workspace you can make your posts public so they show in the Gateway page
  • Integrates with the NotificationService so CLOG notifications can be controlled from the Notifications panel in your preferences.
  • RSS feeds for a worksite or a particular user


  • Latest stable release:
    • 0.9.3, for Sakai 2.7/2.8/2.9
  • Latest development release:
    • trunk, for Sakai trunk/2.9-SNAPSHOT


  1. Download the Sakai demo version from here
  2. Expand the demo zip (or tarball) you just downloaded. The directory you just created should be something like 'sakai-demo-2.7.1'; from here on we'll call it SAKAI_DIR. Make sure SAKAI_DIR and all its contents are writable so we can compile into it
  3. Checkout the CLOG source code like this: 'svn co clog_0-9'. This will pull the CLOG code into a directory called clog_0-9. When the checkout is complete, change into the clog_0-9 directory
  4. Compile the source code using maven thus: 'mvn -Dmaven.tomcat.home=SAKAI_DIR clean install sakai:deploy'
  5. Start Sakai's tomcat with the (or .bat) command

Issue Tracking and Feature Requests

The place to go if you want to submit a feature request or bug report for Clog is here. The Sakai JIRA issue tracking system will be used as the primary project management mechanism, so this should be your first stop.


The svn repository for CLOG is here.


Q: Can I migrate the old Blogger data into CLOG?

A: Yes. Add 'importBlog1Data@org.sakaiproject.clog.api.ClogManager=true' to your file and restart Tomcat. Clog uses a different set of tables prefixed by 'CLOG_'; the data is translated from the BLOGGER tables into these. The original BLOGGER data is left untouched. Job done.

Q: Can I share my posts with people outside Sakai?

A: Yes. Clog needs to be added to the gateway page and 'clog.allowPublic = true' needs adding to Clog also needs to be added to My Workspace as this is where public posts are authored. Once these steps have been taken users can create posts in their My Workspace and make them public whereupon they will become visible in the Gateway Clog tool. Posts can be pulled back into My Workspace at any time by editing and clicking the 'Publish' button, rather than the 'Make Public' button.

Q: I've installed CLOG but I can't see any tool buttons, why?

A: You need to setup permissions for the tool. To enable a default permissions set for new sites you need to modify !site.template in the Realms admin tool. All the CLOG permissions, like '' start with 'clog.'. All you have to do is check the permissions that you want to be enabled for all project sites henceforth and click the save button. If you have added CLOG to an existing site you will need to locate the realm for that site and update the clog permissions there. Wait, there's more. If you want to add CLOG to lots of sites then you can either use the special !site.helper realm which injects the permissions into every site on the system, or you can use a script to explicitly add the permissions to all the existing site realms.

Q: I restored a post from the recycle bin but the post count in the authors view is incorrect. Why?

A: This is by design. When you restore a post from the recycle bin it is restored as PRIVATE to the author and doesn't show up in the count. Edit the post, publish it and it shows.