As I understand you are requesting us to move our current patches on the UC Davis SCORM player to contrib. Let me explain why we did not do this until now, and why this task is not as trivial as it seems.

We started off testing with the SCORM player long before we had write access to the SVN repository. For that reason we pulled our own copy. The initial bugs we found we reported in JIRA together with patch files. In the mean time, James Renfro and his team @ UC Devis continued their development, and also started to apply the patches. As soon as we got SVN access we stopped providing patches, because we assumed we could merge back to contrib soon. What turned out is that the merge back wasn't as straightforward as we assumed, for the following reasons:

This does not mean merging is impossible, it will just take me 2 to 3 days to work trough each change individually and apply it to the contrib space. We're pressed for time to do this right now. We could do a couple of things:

Our version is available at:

Our work is done at:

Kind regards,

Roland MS Groen
Edia Educatie Technologie