Sakai Accessibility Working Group Teleconference

March 11, 2010 - Notes by Eli Cochran



  1. Gonzalo's Work on the Accessibility Jira Tickets
  2. Sakai 2.7 Accessibility Review Progress
  3. Accessibility Statement

Gonzalo's Work on the Accessibility Jira Tickets:

[_at this point in the meeting, Gonzalo had to leave and Lucy joined us. what ensued was a fairly free form discussion of a CIC (Committee on Institutional Cooperation) project to develop a unified accessibility protocol for software projects to be used across educational institutions. This project includes a sub-group that is focused on LMSs, defining core/common features, and then testing and documenting the accessibility of each of those features for leading LMS). This project in a fairly early stage. University of Illinois is leading, Indiana University is participating.

We should keep an eye on this process.]

Sakai 3 Accessibility Statement

Next Steps

[Please feel free to make an additions or corrections - Eli]