Integration of SCORM Cloud, the hosted SCORM player from Rustici Software

About the Player

The SCORM Cloud player quickly and easily adds SCORM to a Sakai installation. It gives you compatibility with SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2 and AICC in about five minutes by adding a new Resource Type to your system with obvious gradebook integration as a bonus feature. Recently added as a feature of SCORM Cloud is a new reporting tool that lets you dig deep to see what your users are doing within a course.

Courses installed with the SCORM Cloud player are hosted in the cloud, ready to be called whenever you need them. There are monthly charges for hosting, but a free trial account is available so you can play with SCORM Cloud to see how it works with your courses and system. Trial is based on number of registrations, so you can technically run a trial forever. (OK, a while. There are limits.) And now you can even play with SCORM Cloud prior to integration. Just upload your course, then send out a link to a learner/student (or yourself); click the link, launch the course, see SCORM Cloud in action!

Currently available for versions 2.5.x and 2.6.x.

Always happy to answer any questions about SCORM Cloud here or over in our support forum.


Installation & Configuration

Import & Launch (Including Gradebook Integration)

Reporting Features



Install of the SCORM Cloud module should only take about five minutes. It involves copy and paste of three sets of files, registering your account and that's about it.

Source Installation


Once you've added the plugin to a particular site, there are two main steps to configure it. The first is ensuring that the right Sakai roles have the correct permissions for using the plugin, and the second is entering the some information related to the SCORM Cloud service.

Setting permissions for various tools is a typical Sakai administration task, and the permissions associated with the SCORM Cloud plugin are no different, so we won't go into detail about how to set permissions, but we'll instead note the permissions that are unique to the plugin below.