1. Check in on the effort to define "Themes" and "Activity Workflows"

  1. Planning for Virtual Meeting
    1. Objectives:
      1. Categorization of Learning Capabilities
      2. Identification and closing of "gaps" in current capabilities
      3. Development of a "self sustaining" or "living" document that can continue to grow on its own
    2. Action Items/issues
      1. Technology needs
      2. Defining categories and "activity workflows"
      3. Forming of working teams (may want to include some "experienced" folks on each time
      4. Ramping up of those new to the process
      5. Planning agendas and work plans for each day
      6. Dealing with time zone differences
      7. Models/strategy for engaging with Clay (product manager) and Sam (designer)
    3. Logistics
      1. Finalize dates/times
      2. Finalize participants (maybe recruiting more people...particularly outside the US)

2. Virtual Working Session Logistics