20 August 2009, 11:30am - 1pm EDT, Sakai002 Conference Bridge (+1-812-856-7060/, Code: 350#, PIN: 72524#)

Where We Are

Meeting Goals


  1. Introductions
  2. Upcoming calls - same time (11:30am - 1pm Eastern), same place (Sakai002 Conference Bridge), new dates:
    1. September 17, October 15, November 19, December 17
  3. Stakeholder Interviews Summary
  4. Defining Project Vision
    1. Embeddable Library Widgets
    2. Library Bookmarklet
    3. Course-Specific Library Pages
  5. Next Steps & How to Get Involved
  6. Final Questions and Comments

Meeting Notes

In attendance



Char Booth

UC Berkeley

Helen Josephine

Stanford University

Kalee Sprague

Yale University

Awa Diop

HEC Montreal

Jeff Rothal

US Naval Postgraduate School

Jon Dunn

Indiana University

Mark Notess

Indiana University

Carrie Donovan

Indiana University

Steve Smail

Indiana University

Gaurav Bhatnagar

University of Michigan

Apologies if I've missed anyone! Please feel free to add yourself! -Gaurav


Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out to the web meeting! Gaurav summarized the stakeholder interviews and the group moved into discussing the three visions that emerged. It was decided that these three visions are headed in the right direction, but we need to have a better understanding of user needs to truly understand if they, or some other vision, should be pursued. Which library-related user activities require the most attention?

We intend to answer this question by conducting user interviews at multiple institutions. Currently, UC Berkeley, Stanford, HEC Montreal, US Naval Postgraduate School, Mount Holyoke, Indiana University and University of Michigan are committed to conducting user interviews.

Before starting user interviews, Gaurav will:

These changes will be open to review and modification by the library and Sakai communities until the next web meeting (Sept 17). At the next web meeting, we will discuss any changes that need to be made and begin organization of our user interviews at multiple institutions.