This project looks for ways to facilitate bringing people and institutions into the Sakai community

There are many ways to participate in the Sakai community.

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adopting Sakai




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"How the Sakai Community Works":

"How Sakai Development Works":

Onboarding Activities - Action Items

For new production deployments

we need to gather some basic information about the institution,

IT configuration, contacts, etc.

This information is maintained in Jira in the *Production/Pilot Deployments Project*and those institutions are listed on the Sakai Foundation website at: Home>Installations. A worksheet to collect the information needed to fill in the Jira fields is located online.

The Sakai Foundation should prepare a "Welcome Wagon" packet

for new deployments (both pilot and production).

Onboarding Planning

This is the process of elegantly engaging interested people to begin participating in the Sakai community.
Initially someone comes to the project seeking information:

Here's where we may want to breakdown

Onboarding strategies by role:

(under construction, Not Done Yet...)