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  1. Goals for the 2.7 release (insofar as release management and QA are concerned)
  2. First round of triage:
  3. Whether we have a branch manager, and if not what will be done to recruit one
  4. A discussion for how the release team should organize itself and recruit new members. (Proposal will need to be worked up to go out on-list)
  5. Review and Refine procedural details for next month of work

Helpful Links

Release Proposal 2009

Proposed Sakai 2.7 Changes

Procedural Proposal email


Anthony Whyte
Seth Theriault
Pete Peterson
Adam Hocek
David Haines
Steve Smail
Megan May
Charles Hedrick
Pieter Hartsook


Overview and goals

Comments on what would most improve the RM process

Reviewing Proposed Sakai 2.7 changes

Release Team Creation

Next Steps