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Concerning Their Concerns: Using CBAM to Map Support for a Transition


Virginia Tech is transitioning to Sakai. Effectively addressing Faculty, Staff, & Student concerns play a significant role in successfully adopting innovation. Our application of the Concerns-Based Adoption Model includes assessing resources, then mapping optimal lines of communication and support structures to successfully implement Sakai.


Amber D. Evans, Virginia Tech, adevans (at) vt (dot) edu
(Dave will not be available to present this session, but his contact information is dmcphers (at) vt (dot) edu)

Day, Time, Location

Friday, 11:15-12:00, Room 201 


Deploying Sakai (Discussion)


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Presentation Table of Contents

  1. Title Slide
  2. Who we are (& What we do)
  3. Where to Start?
  4. Adopting Something New
  5. Concerns-Based Adoption Model (CBAM)
  6. FDI's Role in CBAM
    1. Grounded in Pedagogical Research
    2. Training Refocused (late Spring 2009)
    3. Training, Education, Consultation, & Mentoring
    4. Provide Resources
    5. Answer to "Why use this technology?"
  7. OCS's Role in CBAM
    1. 2nd Tier Phone, Email, & Consultant Support
    2. Provide Documentation
    3. Answer to "How should I use this technology?"
  8. UCS's Role in CBAM
    1. University Computing Support/4Help
    2. The CKM KnowledgeBase
    3. Answer to "How does this technology work?"
  9. Typical Scenarios (UCS)
  10. Typical Scenarios (OCS)
  11. Typical Scenarios (FDI)
  12. Feedback & Evaluations are Paramount!
  13. Shared with Users
  14. FDI, OCS, & UCS Together
  15. Contact Information