On Wednesday, 8 July at 11am ET, the "Hackathon: Go" session will launch Sakai Boston hackathon activities. We plan to organize the hackathon in unconference format, which means that whoever shows up decides what will happen. That means you!

What you can you do right now? Add your suggestions for hackathon session projects you'd like to contribute to and lightening talks you'd like to give below. We will work together to schedule time to work on these projects and hear these talks during Sakai Boston.

We will go over these lists and generate more ideas in the "Hackathon: Go" session to start planning the rest of the week's activities. More projects and lightening talks may well be added along the way. If you want to help shape the hackathon, please contribute to this wiki page and attend the "Hackathon: Go" session.

The hackathon will take place throughout the Boston conference, concluding with the "Hackathon: Stop" session 2:30pm ET Friday, 10 July, where we will review hackathon activities, evaluate the hackathon process, and plan any next hackathon steps.

Anthony Whyte, David Horwitz Noah Botimer and I proposed this hackathon to encourage and make visible the hands-on work that goes on at Sakai gatherings. We hope the hackathon will be a chance for community members of all types?not just developers?to focus on small, tangible pieces of work while they are face-to-face that will have direct effects on the functionality, usability, accessibility, internationalization, design, development, and/or quality assurance of Sakai and its tools.


Hackathon Project Proposals

Propose specific, tangible, bite-sized projects here that you think would be good candidates for hands-on work during the Sakai Boston conference.

Hackathon Lightning Talks

List your 5-10 minute lightning talk on any Sakai topic here, along with the time/date during which you'd like to give it.