We are looking for volunteers to serve as "Citizen Journalists" during the upcoming Sakai Conference in Boston. Your role would be to interview presenters whose sessions you find interesting and to produce a short video summary. Interviews of conference attendees, such as brief demos of Sakai capabilities, overviews of an organization's migration or integration strategy, or a survey of opinions about a topic, would also be very welcome. Our goal would be to gather such videos as quickly as possible, balanced against allowing some time to edit them for content and presentation quality, and post them for viewing during (or very shortly after) the conference.

If you are interested in helping out, but don't have your own video equipment, the Sakai Foundation will be providing a few Flip camera (or similar) setups for use during the conference. If you would like to help with interviewing, but don't know much about cameras and editing, or, if you are a videophile, but don't know much about interviewing, please still consider volunteering, and we will try to pair you up with someone who has a complimentary set of skills.

If you would like to volunteer to help with this effort, please add yourself to the table below.

Initial Meet-Up at Conference

Let's plan to meet at breakfast on the first day, 8:00AM, Wednesday, 8 July 2009 (breakfast starts at 7:30AM, opening remarks start at 8:30AM). Look for Peter at a table near the back of the room.



Please add your name and what equipment you will bringing to this list. Also, if you need a piece of equipment, feel free to post that info here too, and hopefully someone else on the list can help you out.

Matt Plourde will also pilot UStream during the conference. If you have a webcam, please bring it! We could have more than one feed at the same time. Contact Matt for more info (mathieu@udel.edu).




Need a partner? (Interviewer or Videophile?)

What Equipment are your Bringing? (What do you need to Borrow?) (What can you lend to others?)


Mathieu Plourde (aka Uber-Citizen Journalist)

University of Deleware

Yes, a Co-Twitterer would be appreciated. A Waterboy and a donkey could also be helpful (wink)

Flip Mino (60 minutes), Flip Ultra (60 minutes), mini-tripod, small tripod, photo camera, onmidirectional microphones (2 table, 1 lavalier), MacBook Pro with Final Cut, TwistCam, QuickTime Pro, 3 webcams, power cord, switch, tape... And many more...


Nicola Monat-Jacobs



Needs to borrow Sakai flip camera


Mick Wisniewski

Cerritos College

Need Interviewer

Have cams, will video


Lance Speelmon

Indiana University


video camera, Looking to borrow a tripod


Kate Ellis

Indiana University

Interviewer would be helpful

video camera


Yvette Lapa Dessap

HEC Montréal

Need Videophile

Needs to borrow Sakai flip camera


Kimberly Eke

University of North Carolina

Happy to work alone or with anyone who wants to partner.

The Works (HD camera, microphone, tripod, Final Cut Pro, etc.)
Here are some sample assets you are free to use/modify as you wish!


Salwa Khan (sk16@txstate.edu)

Texas State University

Need Videophile

Will be happy to work with anyone who needs an interviewer--I can also edit video, but won't be bringing an edit setup myself.


Roger Henry

Indiana University


video camera


Reba-Anna Lee

Marist College

Works well with others but also happy to work Solo but will Twitter for free

FLIP camera and lots of enthusiasm!!


Peter Knoop

Sakai Foundation

Probably won't have much time to do interviews, but will help out where I can.

Sakai has two Flip UltraHD 120 minute videocameras for anyone to borrow during the conference.


John Moore

Virginia Tech

Need interviewer

Have FlipHD; tripod would be nice


Amber D. Evans

Virginia Tech

Blogger and Twitterer (not a videophile)

Have mobile phone, will travel blog and tweet. I would be willing to be an interviewer if anyone needs one still.


Feel free to post your videos by attaching them to this page, or posting them to somewhere like YouTube. Please make sure to tag them with "sakai09".