Sakai Blog Tool

Lead(s): Adrian Fish (Lancaster,UK)
Committers: Nuno Fernandes (UVP)


The Blog is a tool that allows you to post blog entries that are available to other users of your Sakai worksite. The primary three use cases that the Blog tool supports are these:

Here are some screenshots of the post creation process.

Of course, these three cases are a vast oversimplification and the Blog tool can be used in many ways due to it's flexibility. It is a tool that facilitates the management of knowledge. With the Blog you can store links to other web pages, files and pictures; it also provides a search mechanism which makes it easy to track and find any published information within the worksite. The Blog also promotes collaborative editing of Blog posts, not just comments. Depending on the permissions you set, all your peers in a worksite will be able to work on the contents of your Blog posts.

The Blog is currently maintained against versions 2.4.x and 2.5.x of Sakai although the most advanced version is available in a subversion branch here. The older branches, 2.4.x and 2.5.x will continue to be maintained but will not receive new development. post_2-5, currently developed and tested under Sakai 2.5.x, will become the version of choice for 2.6 and onwards.

How to install

1. Check out the relevant version from svn and build it as with any other Sakai tool
2. Change your JVM startup configuration adding this option: java.awt.headless=true This is necessary for the JPEG conversor built in the blogger

About the authors

This tool has been developed by Miguel Gonzalez Losa and Adrian Fish who are members of Centre for e-Science, Lancaster University, United Kingdom


For the latest news on bugs and feature requests, use Sakai's JIRA: