This details the design information for the RSF blog exercise (rsfBlog). For this exercise we will create a simple working blog tool designed to allow students to create and share blog entries in a sakai site.


  1. Home view - includes a list of the current blogs in the site (the blog for this user will appear at the top)
  2. Blogs view - includes a list of all entries in a blog
  3. Add/Edit Entry screen - allows the blog owner to create or update blog entries
  4. Settings view - this allows the blog owner to edit their profile
  5. Permissions view - uses the permissions helper

Data Model

  1. BLOG - represents a blog in a site (site, owner, profile, settings)
  2. ENTRY - represents a single entry in a blog (blog, title, text, date modified)
  3. COMMENT - represents a single comment on an entry (entry, text, date modified)

Implementation details