This page contains links to all the information a developer should need to get started developing tools and apps for Sakai. This is meant to be a kind of Sakai development walkthrough. It contains a section on where to get more information and then links to get you on the path from regular a Java programmer to Sakai superstar (or something like that). If anything is missing or confusing please contact Aaron Zeckoski.
(Development Tips (PPT)) (Technical intro to Sakai (PPT))

Really Getting Started

  1. Developer links and resources
    Also listed at the bottom of this page
    1. Sign up for the sakai-dev email list
    2. Get an account on Sakai Confluence and JIRA
  2. Development Environment Setup Walkthrough
  3. Sakai AppBuilder plugin
    1. Install the appbuilder plugin in your eclipse environment
    2. Generate a sample tool in your Sakai source directory
    3. Build and Deploy the tool using maven
    4. Startup Sakai
    5. Test the new tool by adding it to a project site
    6. Modify the tool
  4. Sakai application (tool) structure
  5. Sakai app and tool naming tips
  6. Developer Guides
  7. Sakai Programmer Manual

Where to get more information