Table of Contents

1. Information

SiteStats versions >= 1.1 are aware of resolution so it will use Event.getContext() if this method is available. Having this JIRA applied to Sakai automatically solves all issues related with event siteId/contextId parsing and simplifies the process of adding support for new tools in SiteStats (see to track new tools support).

Although SiteStats will work without applied, we do recommend patching as it will add support for the tools listed in .

2. Applying SAK-10801

2.1. Applying to Sakai 2.5.0/2.5.x

2.1.1 Apply patches to source code
2.1.2 Convert SAKAI_EVENT database table

2.2. Applying to trunk/Sakai 2.6+

is already included in trunk and versions >= 2.6 so there is no need to patch Sakai.