Contrib: My Sakai


Nicolaas Matthijs


MySakai is a collection of project that all have to goal to make Sakai more user-centered and improve the User Experience within Sakai.

Sakai Widgets for FaceBook, iGoogle, Mac Dashboard, Vista Dashboard, ...

You can find the Contrib page about the MySakai widgets over here: Widgets Home

MyCamTools (Client Side Development) / Cambridge Production Instance

MyCamTools is, for the people that haven't seen it yet, a first step in trying to improve the User Experience for the Cambridge users, and is also a proof of concept of what can be achieved using client side development. This development is based on HTML + JSON + JavaScript and is being fed by the SData service and has proven to be remarkably quicker in terms of time and gives us more flexibility. This allowed us to get out to users in shorter cycles.

You can find the Contrib page about MyCamTools over here: MyCamTools Home

Sakai 3 project (Client Side Development)

The Sakai 3 project is using Client Side development + RESTful JSON datafeeds as the development approach.

A technical presentation about Client Side development: Workshop.pdf
An example widget used in an AuSakai 2008 workshop: