Meeting minutes for March 16, 2009

  1. Sakai/OSP 2.6 Issues and Status
  2. Sakai/OSP 2.7 and beyond Development Status
    Sean reviewed the changed to the vignettes page with the group and suggested that a next step would be to come up with a strategy for introducing this to the Sakai3 working group. Noah has been keeping his finger on the pulse of Sakai 3, but others probably could also participate. Sean asked if others would be willing and able to participate in conversations with the UX and T&L group, and if so, how do we best do that? Noah mentioned that there is a weekly UX call that could be used, but that the main conversations for Sakai3 are small conversations over Skype and the Sakai 001 bridge with Nathan and a small group of developers. This group is under a lot of pressure to release a version of Sakai 3 for Cambridge/GeorgiaTech and we are unlikely to have an impact on its direction.

Perhaps a good strategy for interacting with the Sakai 3 WG would be to do so in concert with the T&L group. We recognize that there is a barrier between how we think. Lynn had mentioned last week that their meetings lately have revolved around the Teaching With Sakai Award. It may be that the readiness of the OSP are a barrier (in which case, we should talk with them soon to ensure that this is not the case in the future). Nancy mentioned that Matthiew Plourde attends the T&L calls and she would ask him for a recommendation on how the T&L group is interacting with the Sakai 3/UX group and report back next week.