Review Development Status (

Promoting OSP as a Sakai Core Tool

Aggregated View (no longer includes Dashboard in 2.5 timeframe)


Jim Pease is known to have committed changes, so he has svn permissions and is making progress.

Improving the User Interface



Jason Buckner is chugging along. They have added a part timer. There is a page in confluence on the project that Jason may or may not update.

Institutional (UM) Priorities

SAK-10612 UI Filter by students assigned to instructor Noah Botimer - Noah is using groups for this filtering. He and Beth are still thinking some about permissions, but the basic approach is:

2.6 Planning Meeting at IU

*By Monday, 8/20/07* please use the Confluence table pointed to in Wende's email to indicate when you are available for the Sept/October meeting.

Formal 2.5 Specs/Use Cases