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Aggregated View of Matrix and Portfolio

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SAK-10135, SAK-10137


Matrix, Portfolio

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Status: Confirmed
Date: August, 2007


The Matrix and Portfolio tools must be available within a user's workspace and contain an aggregated view of matrices/portfolios in all worksites for a particular user.


This change was proposed to make matrices and portfoiios more accessible when spread out across many worksites.


The requirement originated at the OSP/Sakai 2.5 Planning Meeting in May 2007 (Ann Arbor).

Community Acceptance

Discussed in weekly conference calls, documented in minutes and JIRA.


  • MyWorkspace Portfolio tool aggregates portfolios for all worksites. All portfolios that are shared or owned will appear in My Workspace.
  • Portfolio permissions are based on originating worksite.
  • Users are allowed to add porfolios within the MyWorkspace worksite.

  • MyWorkspace Matrix tool aggregates matrices for all worksites. All matrices defined in a user's member worksite will appear in My Workspace. tool.
  • Matrix permissions are based on originating worksite.
  • Users are not allowed to add matrices within the MyWorkspace worksite.