Status Report

Aggregated View

Beth finished everything except event logging. Tony Camilli has checked event logging in and changed status to resolved. The new aggregation tool has been postponed to 2.6. Tony raised the question of what Sakai is looking for in terms of event logging.


Jim Pease will defer work on his two issues until 2.6


SAK-7464 "Embedded images in resources not passing through security advisor"

What is the impact of this and why is it an OSP issue? The problem is that when you share a portfolio, it isn't visible. Beth will change it to unassigned so someone with time will see it and work on it. The solution will probably not be simple, because it has a lot of impacts on different things. It's a bug, so we can get to it after code freeze.

SAK-10730 Null Pointer when adding Guidance to matrix cell.

Work is done, Lynn is testing, but there are still some issues. The problem is that when you add guidance to any cell, you lose the ability to edit any cell that doesn't contain guidance.

Feature request allowing additions of metadata tags?

Bump to 2.6. Would have had dependencies on taggable, so can't be done now.


SAK-10093 Downloading Portfolios causes an Error

Will be looked into this week. rSmart code may have a fix

OSP Library

No news.


XSDWeaver being updated for localization, etc. Any progress on XSLT weaver?

Institutional Priorities

SAK-10832 Autopopulate wizard based on assignments.

Done in OSP Nightly. Need use cases for exporting matrix. Noah has more work to do with group support, should be done soon.

IU going through issues for institutional priorities, esp. GMT.

Their board looking reviewing items they need for their December release. These things wouldn't be in generic 2.5 – it's really, 2.6 work.


Lynn sent out email re: QA. She has created a framework for generating scripts for QA. She sent out the link, but will also link to it from the requirements page. It has ultiple pages organized parallel to Requirements. She added a Jira item. Added label for volunteer to write script. We need a basic description of how to enable a feature and how it's supposed to work. That process is QA in and of itself.

Beth: people who've worked on Jira items need to use Noah's template to write up info.
2.5 testing main page has link to it.
Lynn doesn't see herself as in charge of QA. Megan has put up a list for QA volunteers. Please sign up so we have a list of who is available.

osp2 QA server

Working on process for setting up system correctly. Set up for backup and restore so they can start with data instead of starting blank each time. May have to dump it once before they back it up.

2.6 Planning meeting

IU Lynn hasn't looked at page for a while. Melissa - La Guardia and rSmart not on page. La Guardia doesn't currently have funding, but that could change. Continue planning by email.

Plan to continue using new IP for call.