Restricting choice of forms and documents to worksite

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Charles Hedrick (Rutgers)



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Part 1: Functional Description

Restricting choice of forms and document to worksite

Summary and Rationale

When creating a portfolio, on page 2 of 3, the user is presented with lists of items to choose from. These may include completed wizards, matrices, forms and files.

For forms, the current code searches the system for all forms, and checks which the user can read.

For files, the current code searches the user's worksite and all other sites to which he has access, and checks for all files which the user can read. This is despite a method that claims to look only for objects which the user owns.

This causes several problems:

There are several options, some of which can be done in the short run and some which will require varying levels of redesign.

I propose the first solution for 2.5.x, and the second for 2.6. If desired, we can use a variable in sakai.properties to control the behavior. However there are issues making the current behavior perform acceptably in large sites.

I have implemented the restriction to the current worksite in SAK-14165. It is not currently controlled by sakai.properties, but I will add that if it is desired to move the change into trunk. My code is based on earlier code than is in trunk. If you are willing to accept it in trunk, I'll need to change the way it is implemented somewhat, in order to coexist with the current trunk code. I'm willing to do that.

Here is a screenshot before and after the change. Note that nothing actually changes in a screenshot. THe list of files shown is simply shorter. However people seem to demand screen shots so I'm giving you one. THe actual changes in the screen shot are due primarily to improved formatting from SAK-14222.

The changes are localized, and would have no effect on database design or other parts of the system.