OSP 2.5 will be synchronized with the Sakai 2.5 release with a current target release November 2007. The code freeze for the release is September 15th, 2007.

Requirements & Specifications

Existing JIRA Summary

Please review the summary of all OSP JIRA Issues.

Planning Meetings

A two-day OSP 2.5 Planning Meeting at U of Michigan was held on May 13th (evening)-15th, 2007 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

An additional OSP 2.5 Planning Meeting in Amsterdam was held on June 15th, 2007.

Emerging 2.5 Team

In addition to the team below, there is a OSP community service team evolving that will lend direction and support to the release process. More will be posted on this soon

Project Management Team:

1. Functional Leadership: Sean Keesler, Janice Smith, Darren Cambridge, John Gosney, Melissa Peet, and Tony Camilli

2. Development Lead: Beth Kirschner

Functional Experts and Business Analysts:
UI/usability leader
UI Designers
Java Developers
OSP Library Development/Website and Confluence
QA Leads

Responsibility of functional leadership team

Requirements area (write test cases w/requirements)
QA Testers

Participating institutions will provide QA testers - IU, UM, George Mason, rSmart, LaGuardia, Syracuse, SVSU
Documentation tools & library

OSP 2.5 QA

Draft Test Scripts for OSP 2.5