OSP 2.5 Functional Testing - Test Cases/Scripts

This set of test cases will go through functional testing of the requirements for OSP 2.5.
For now, the nightly2 test instance will have the latest code: http://nightly2.sakaiproject.org:8084/osp-portal. NOTE: The nightly test instance will delete any data that is added each day.

If you want a slightly more permanent environment to use, you can use the QA instance at http://qa2-osp.sakaiproject.org:8084/osp-portal, which is updated about every two weeks (on average).
1. Try to test each case in a course site, a project site and a portfolio site
2. Try to test each case across various browsers
3. Only use the 'admin' login to create user accounts and worksites, then login with the appropriate user/role to run the tests.
Please note that this is not a comprehensive set of scripts.

Each item includes a link to the relevant Jira issues and the corresponding Specifications documents(s).  Additional information can be found in the OSP 2.5 Requirements.