This is the first page that each user sees when they click on the Matrix tool. However, two main audiences are likely approaching the matrix tool with different intentions in mind.


The primary tasks that are performed from this page include:

For a Matrix Author

For an end-user

Page Features

The main feature of this page is an unsorted table that displays:

The table also includes a paging control, anticipating that many matrices may be added to a worksite.


orange: Gonzalo Silverio

OK= yes, makes total sense, do not see need to discuss more

???= not sure what this means, have some questions

template: scaffolding\listScaffolding.jsp

Some mechanical tasks:

  1. Toolbar reformat
  2. Next/Last widget reformat
  3. List Reformat (separate column for actions. Void description row if no info. Put into display on demand toggle?)
  4. Put some structure into matrix list table
  5. Link titles for actions
  6. Validate


Status indicators

Syntactic Elements

Authoring Workflow

Unpublished vs. Preview

When creating a new Matrix, the distinction between Unpublished and Preview modes is somewhat awkward. While unpublished, CIG Coordinators other than the author cannot see the Matrix. This state has questionable value unless there is strong concern about cooperation of Coordinators, which is unlikely. Also, moving a Matrix to the Preview state does not provide clear contextual cues of what has been affected: the link that read Preview will read Publish, the name of the Matrix becomes a link to preview it, and the Published? column reads Preview. Without examining what has changed on the nearly identical screen, it is not clear that there has been a functional change in the Matrix.

In particular, we should examine if there is redeeming value in maintaining the two separate states, as Preview provides the same functionality as Unpublished except that items may be contributed as test submissions and other CIG Coordinators may see or edit the list. If Preview should be retained, there should be feedback (visual and/or message) that indicates the state change of the Matrix and the newly enabled functionality. An option to return a Matrix to Unpublished status may also be of value.

(gsilver) OK - I think Preview has value - but the UI needs to manage the flow and the differences between the status to make this value aparent. Not sure status can be toggled without major changes to the plumbing. What Mark suggests in the comments makes the most sense ultimately.