Meeting minutes for April 21, 2008

Sakai/OSP 2.4 Status

Sakai/OSP 2.5 Status

Community Proposals

LOI update on Multiple Evaluators

Question: Screenshot 3A - how are users selected to be evaluators? Current screen is larger with more options. Should list be restricted by role? Mark: we were wondering about this, too. That's why 3B doesn't allow selection of multiple evaluators. Noah pointed out that the Mail tool does a good job on the screen of handling groups, etc. (Provisional?) On 3B, there is a separate rating scale menu. How does that relate to evalutation form? What options beside pass fail should be available? Answer: it would be like the Assignments tool, where you can have letters/numbers. rSmart has a facility for taking multiple evaluations and coming up with an average grade.

RINet on Rubric. Assignments often have multiple goals. Rating in cell has at least two, row/column. RINet graduation portfolios have to support student explanation of how goals are met by a certain assignment.

Hugo: linking with goal management may be a next step in development.

Discussion: Problem is that GMT is in contrib, and no one is really maintaining it right now. Hugo: develop screen showing GMT integration for future reference. Lynn: many assignments would work well with this, but for supporting "portfolio thinking" and evaluating portfolios, GMT is a little heavy.

Hugo: maybe we should do blue sky consideration of these issues in Paris.

Paris Conference